• 6 large pieces osso buco
• ¼ cup plain flour
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• 1 brown onion finely sliced
• 150ml red wine
• 350ml beef stock
• 60ml Worcestershire sauce
• 180g swiss brown mushrooms halved
• 155g portabello mushrooms
cut into quarters
• 155g oyster mushrooms torn
• 125ml thickened cream
• 100g gravy powder
• 25ml water
• ½ cup coarsely chopped
flat leaf parsley
• 30g brown sugar
In a separate bowl, coat beef in flour and shake off excess. Add oil into inner pot and touch the SAUTÉ/SEAR menu to select SAUTÉ/SEAR HIGH TEMP program, Pre heat for 10 minutes.
Sear all the meat until browned all over with the lid off. Remove browned meat and set aside. Add onion to cooker and SAUTÉ/SEAR until transparent. To the pot, add mushrooms, red wine, stock, sugar and gravy powder dissolved in water along with the browned meat.
Close lid and cook on SLOW COOK LOW TEMP for 8 hours or touch the PRESSURE COOK menu to select MEAT/ POULTRY program for 35 minutes. When finished, open lid and add in cream. Serve with sweet potato